FOOD, INC. :: DOC :: 011

8bearfoodincSometimes, I can be not-so-intelligent. Such is the time that I sit down to watch this documentary on the Food Industry whilst eating Sloppy Joes.  I can honestly say that the sandwich had never tasted so bad in all my life.

Most of this could be in my head, but I figure it has much to-do with the images of cows, pigs, and chickens trodding knee deep in their own excrement.  Or maybe it was the mechanized churning of hundreds of cows into a (previously delectable) meaty paste.  Fact of the matter, I need to eat better.  We all need to eat better.  And this is one all-too-important documentary films that each and every one of us should take it upon ourselves to see.

Food, Inc., is a documentary film by Robert Kenner and based on An Omnivore’s Dilemma by Michael Pollan.  It’s a glimpse into lives of the modern day farmer and the big businesses that own them and of everyday consumers, some financially strained enough to be forced to eat “fast-food”-style and another that lost her young son to E. Coli poisoning.  For once we have a movie, to-the-point and with a showing time of only 93 minutes!  Education for the whole family.  Watch this movie!

We need to (forgive my tactlessness) get our head out of our arses! The good-looking cowboy looking over his cattle isn’t carving up your beef and the sweet old geezers with the pitchfork and a smile aren’t churning your butter.  You’ve been had.  Our best hope for discovering real food grown by real farmers is to go to your local farmer’s market.  Or for convenience sake, do your shopping at Whole Foods.  But remember, it’s not necessarily about shopping “organic” or not (although it is best), it’s also about food grown within your area and not those shipped from far away lands (oozing chemicals that keep them “fresh”).

We as a “fast food society” have a backwards way at looking at health.  We look at a carton of organic, free-range eggs and scoff at the price… $3…$4, whatever.  Meanwhile, we’re filling our belly with a 75 cent soda or munching from a $3 bag of chips.  Our stomachs should not become the repository of salts, fats, and sugars but a furnace that we feed real foods, real energy.  Years of this thinking, and more importantly, ACTION, will produce less digestive complications, less illness and better overall wellness.  Compare the cost of eating right and exercising to a hospital bill sometime.  I triple dog dare ya.

Just remember that we as consumers hold the cards.  We supply these businesses with money.  Each item you run through the register is a vote.  Organic… not organic.  Imported… locally grown.  I, for one, am going to be more conscious of my food choices and if that means spending a little more… so be it.  Power to us [raises fist to the sky]!


3 Responses to “FOOD, INC. :: DOC :: 011”

  1. PETA doesn’t have it wrong, they know what they are talking about when it comes to animal abuse for the sake of the masses. Baby pigs being stomped on with a boot only to be left still alive and suffering instead of shooting them or wringing their neck quickly, is not something I want to support. And its not just pigs, it’s other animals as well that have to suffer by living in closed quarters in their own feces. Not healthy for them, and its definitely not healthy for us. Can you just imagine what they do to other mass shipped products if they treat living things this way? It must not pretty….

  2. Travis Says:

    Michael, great review. The thing that gets me, is the legislation behind the whole of it. I wish that I could say that I thought it was all propaganda, sadly I can not. I knew about the subsidies, but I was oblivious to the real reasoning behind the government involvement. I took a post grad economics class that spent the better part of the semester on farming. We even read exerts from “The Jungle”, but nothing drove it home like this film. I am feeling extremely let down, and overwhelmed by my new knowledge. That being said, I am glad to have been awakened.

  3. of course when you dont have time to cook, fastfoods would always be the best option `*`

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