BRÜNO :: COMEDY :: 024

Taking a break from our peaceful camping vacation, my friend Chad and I set out to pick up some forgotten supplies back in the city.  On the way, I had also forgotten that Brüno was only going to be in the theaters for a few more weeks.

I knew what to expect (having seen the trailers).

Chad did not.

But, I must admit, just when I think Sacha Baron Cohen knows his limit, he takes a fantastically bold and horrendously gay jump across.

I knew I had to see this movie as soon as I heard Brüno’s hysterically offensive quote,

The hottest documentary about a hot white guy since The Passion of The Christ.

I didn’t say it, I just repeated it!

This film is the story of a blatantly gay Austrian fashionista and host of Austria’s number one cable tv show Funkyzeit mit Brüno; Brüno.  When a fashion show “mishap” causes him to become black-listed, his downward spiral from celebrity-hood prompts him to reinvent himself, with help from his worshiping assistant Lutz (Gustaf Hammarsten), in Hollywood.  From gay-converting ministers to a black, african baby (that Brüno attests he got from the baby’s mother for an Ipod… [crowd boos]… “It was a limited edition Ipod.”) Brüno pulls out all the stops to ensure his fame.

Those who love both awkward and sometimes uncomfortable humor, while at the same time watching others (i.e. Paula Abdul, Ron Paul, etc) being subjected to a heapingly-homosexual dish of awkwardness is bound for a delightfully flamboyant Austrian feast known as Brüno.

I heard a critic say once, “Movies don’t change, audiences do.”  They couldn’t be more wrong with regards to this film.  Brüno doesn’t just make you laugh, it steals it from you as your jaw drops.  Many of us know that sometimes the most funny instances are those instances when we shouldn’t be funny.  Court rooms, witnessing an accident, slippages of bodily gas… the list goes on.  Vhatever!  Now, imagine yourself as a highly paid celebrity called upon to give an interview on your humanitarian work.  You enter the house only to find that there is no furniture, only the household’s hispanic workforce bent over as human chairs.  And when you demean yourself enough to take the bait (that is, to sit down), in rolls a very real, very naked, fat man, with a variety of hors d’oeuvres placed on his chest, legs and genitals.  Frightening for you, hysterical for others.

I must say, I don’t believe I’ve laughed so hard in a theater in all my life… not the huge, belly laughs that one may get from hearing your modest lover break wind, but the holding-your-sides so your spleen doesn’t fall out type-of-laughter that comes at being witness to someone else’s public embarrassment.

Definitely worth the viewing!

For those that saw it… In Oder Aus?


*Cameos, knowingly or not, by Paula Abdul, Ron Paul, Elton John, Bono, Chris Martin, Sting, Slash, Snoop Dog, and La Toya Jackson.


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  1. i think this is so dumb…

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