I was given the nod to see this by my best friend in 2008 (a year and change before I started The Joyce Review).  The 5-out-of-5 star rating from both the Chicago Sun-Times and the Washington Post gave the definitive gesture; my mind was set, this was the next film to see.

Everything appealed to me; the foreign title, the vibrance of the dvd and the two guys sandwiching the hot girl in the dress! Grin, grin, wink, wink, say-no-more!  But all of this is superficial, and so was the film.

Y Tu Mama Tambien ensnares you from the opening scene which features a youthful couple doing what they do best, the horizontal (and slightly to the right) bop!  We also learn how insecure (and naïve) the little humping-bird (Tenoch) is as his post-coital talk boils down to “Please don’t bang other guys.”  [You see, her and her girlfriend are going on vacation to Italy… where the agreed-upon plan is to be faithful. -yeah. and monkeys might fly out of my rear!]

When we meet the other “strapping gentleman” (Julio) [cough, cough]  he’s giving his lovely-lady-friend the quick “do-over” in her bedroom just before the mom walks in. Whoah!… almost an American Pie moment there!  Then, after sending a bon voyage to their “virtuous” [snicker] girlfriends, we see the boys as they truly are [when they are not trying to get laid.  At least I hope not!]: holding their breath under water, masturbating in swimming pools, talking about each other’s wangs in the shower, smoking pot, and eloquently (scoff) and frantically discussing the female anatomy.  Later they meet up with Luisa, whose married, 10 years their senior and a distant cousin of Tenoch’s.  This, of course, doesn’t stop the two horny toads from inviting her on a road-trip to the beach, Heaven’s Mouth.  When Luisa discovers her husbands infidelity she calls the boys up and the adventure begins.

First and foremost, if this had been an American-made movie, it would have been nominated for jack-nothing.  Once the trip finally gets underway, you don’t really care for the “masturbating twins” and the only thoughts that go through your mind at this point are: when is Luisa going to tickle their monkey, will it be one after the other or all together, and whose “mama” (referring to the title) is going to be included in the romp-fest?  But I’ll go ahead and quell the momma jokes right there and say that no “momma” joins in- it was just a title referring to a line in the movie that was just as mature and tasteful as the movie itself.  If I wanted to watch a movie about going to the beach, I would have watched Back To The Beach (Frankie Avalon & Annette Funicello).  At least that movie had Pee Wee Herman in it! – someone with enough taste to jerk-off off-screen and not on.

I give this movie several bear claws for honesty (if this is indeed the way teenagers from Mexico City conduct themselves), for great performances (just the non-sexual ones) from Gael Garcia Bernal (The Motorcycle Diaries), Diego Luna (Milk) and Maribel Verdu (Pan’s Labyrinth) and above-par screenwriting.  I would have applauded the sexual scenes also, if sex wasn’t the better half of the plot, and if perhaps the character’s sexual endurance could have lasted more than a blink of an eye.  Shame, shame my poor lads.


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