THIS IS IT :: DOC :: 041

The world loves Michael Jackson.   I love Michael Jackson. 

 I wish I could have loved this movie. 

A month ago, I watched clips of people’s reactions after watching this film and most of them came out teary-eyed and praising of the picture. 

Here’s what I saw:

I saw a very thin and pale version of the King of Pop, singing and dancing at 50% of his capacity in the rehearsals for his sold-out London concert.  His crew, Kenny Ortega and a slew of awe-struck dancers working tirelessly to make the show fast, bold and worthy of  “The final curtain call.”

This Is It, was a draw-out (111 min), behind-the-scenes of a concert that never happened.  Viewers are briefly entertained by new segments of “Smooth Criminal” and a redone, 3d version of “Thriller,” but besides this… all you see is a master of music working and perfecting the final presentation of his craft.

In an entire room of people that love Michael Jackson’s music, we all enjoyed it as background music as we played Bejeweled, uploaded pictures to facebook, and downloaded iTunes to their new netbook. 

I believe that Michael Jackson was our “Ambassador of Love” to the world.  There are very few people on this planet who have not heard his name.  His influence is felt in the lives of virtually everyone who has (heard his name), but this film didn’t show Michael the way that I want to remember him.  In his videos, in other documentaries, I’ve seen him much more happy – displaying his voice, dance and passion with more freedom and exuberance . 

I’ll simply watch (any of) the other videos/documentaries if I want to remember him.  Either that, or listen to my Jackson playlist that I’ve had since music could be put on computers.

What did you guys think?  Did it make you think it was any better than what we’ve seen from Michael Jackson in the past?  It feels bad to say, but to me, it seemed the simple and logical way to make millions on his name and legacy.


3 Responses to “THIS IS IT :: DOC :: 041”

  1. It was lame, love mikes music but watching a rehearsal was not that exciting

    • joycereview Says:

      I completey agree sweetie. But it was nice getting to watch it with you and your family though. Maybe something with action next time?

  2. I pray they don’t do another one of these from the rest of the film clips!
    IMJ was the most talented entertainer ever to come to our world. In 3 of the numbers he showed some of the old enthusiasm-wearing the gray sui, those orange pants and gold jacket and last Billie Jean.
    The rest were jumbled up mini views of something that was amazing enough to make us think it would have been a concert to knock their socks off over there.
    But do any of you feel that it would have been ready by july 17th??
    Do you think Michael’s death was a coincidence? I don’t, and never will.
    AEG/Sony recovered some money with TII but don’t you feel in your heart that the whole scenario was just plain screwy?? MJ wasn’t healthy enough to go through that-You could see it, and you better believe that “they” knew it!!!!!

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