Movies on The Joyce Review are reviewed fairly, taking in ALL aspects of film-making.  Obviously, “personal tastes” play into the equation however, it is my firm position that each movie must be viewed and judged based on its merits… that is to say… what the film brings to the audience.  The reviews in The Joyce Review are also judged within the Category or Genre for which the film is placed.  For example, the movie DUMB AND DUMBER is not judged among ALL movies, but rather, given a rating based on its position within the realm of COMEDY.  And although there are some people that say this movie is only a 6 or 7… it, in my opinion, ranks a 9 amongst comedies…and therefore, will be a 9-CLAW movie.  Still need help?  If so, please email us at I.AM.A@DUMBASS.COM


How do I become a winner? You already are… you’re here!  But no, seriously, it gives me great joy to spread the joy of film and I will send you a free “surprise” dvd just for offering your own honest review/comment to a film.  The only stipulation is that: the review can not be obscene or vulgar and must be at least 3 FULL sentences long.  I will choose one winner per month, and he or she will be contacted via email.  *The dvd that is given may be new or slightly used and will be chosen based on your favorite genre.  Previous winners can win again!  The last stipulation is that by the end of the month, there needs to be at least 10 comments, from different people (do not do “multiple” commenting.  we check IP addresses! So don’t waste your time).


Yes.  If you are a writer/journalist/student and would like to quote on of my reviews… you may (*humbly bows).  Please, however, quote me correctly and inform me of what you will be writing and where the quote/mention will appear.  Also, I do ask (if possible), list the address of our site: https://joycereview.wordpress.com


Because I, after carefully deliberation, feel that this numeric standing best represents the given film.  Unlike most reviews I will give up to 2 extra claws for a movie that proves to be highly entertaining.  Movies can bomb (1-4), coast through (5-6), make my nipples perky (7-9), or excel at awesomeness (10).  And yes, other review sites will be lenient and give credit where none is due, but at The Joyce Review, you will see 1’s be given out (i.e. Howard The Duck, 1984.) and you’ll see perfect 10’s (i.e. Korczak, 1990).  Didn’t see that last one?  Maybe you should?



I am a man of many passions.  I consider myself first and foremost, a passionate student of life.  In the arena of martial arts I’ve established myself as a teacher.  I’m also an author (see my books here).  Through proper genetics (on my mother’s side) I’ve acquired some artist ability.  But nothing gives me more of a grounded, trans-splendid joy than to watch and discuss film.  This blog is my attempt to put my thoughts into cyberspace … to turn you ON to some great films… and at times, blow your minds!  I hope I can do both!


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