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A Quiet Place (2018)

It doesn’t happen often, but we scored this movie (initially without knowing) the same as the average IMDB voters- an 8. A Quiet Place was not even an unsure or uneasy 8… instead, it was a solid, heartfelt one.

A Quiet Place is the story of a family of five who must live in relative silence as particular sounds attract deadly creatures; grotesque monsters that have overrun the planet.

John Krasinski (of The Office fame) and Emily Blunt (who are also married in real life) play parents that are doing everything they can to keep their family safe. From padding their walking path with sand to marking the planks of wood susceptible to creaking, they try to eliminate any sound that might attract one of these creatures.

Silence, especially in this film, does nothing but build a sense of tension. Will they accidentally drop a pan, step on a twig, or God forbid one of them talks in their sleep? This movie was superbly done. The acting, screen play and directing (which was all Krasinski) was especially brilliant. Emily Blunt was phenomenal as her role demanded a bit more in terms of fear, shock and pain.

If anything went wrong with this film, it did so in the third act. It is hard to describe without giving away spoilers…however, let’s just say that the ending may come to a surprise to movie goers – I even heard a chuckle or two from the audience, probably from disbelief. Not that I disagree with the ending, but I feel that certain elements such as driving a truck down the driveway and (small spoiler!) certainly having a baby are situations when death is (at least should be) guaranteed.

But I understand the reasons behind many of these moments. Like many horror films it gets you thinking, “Well, I would have done this, this and then, this.” Despite what you may or may not have done, there remains a logical reason why things were done the way it was in the film. Hence, it’s no surprise that A Quiet Place has reached it’s high marks. It has already grossed over $50 million dollars.

There are many types of horror, and though the fans of gore my scoff, this is about as good as it gets when it comes to an “edge of your seat thriller”… certainly one that borders on horror and science fiction.

My advice… do see it while it is still in the theaters.  

The scares and chills are always bigger there.




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The Snow Walker (2003)

Like my previous review of Dune, this movie is not without its biases. The Snow Walker is made up of three things I love; aviation, Inuit culture and survivalism. When I first saw the trailer for this I was like, “Oh my God…a cross between The Aviator (1985) and Survivorman. I’m in!” Based on the book Walk Well My Brother by Farley Mowat and directed by Charles Martin Smith, The Snow Walker tells the story of Charlie Halliday, an arctic bush pilot who delivers supplies to tribes of the Canadian North. When he is bribed to take a sick Inuit girl to a hospital in Yellowknife, disasters strikes and they are forced to rely on each to survive.

The story is set in 1953, and in my opinion, they couldn’t have gotten two better leads then Barry Pepper and Annabella Piugattuk. Barry, a native Canadian with both the accent and classic good looks pulls off the arrogant, former WWII pilot. Annabella is equally good as Kanaalaq, and was picked over 100 other Inuit ladies (six of whom were flown in for auditions). Apart from being a cutie (even with her character having tuberculosis), she’s as authentic as you can get. She grew up in a town of 1600 called Nunavut, her first language was Inuktitut, and she can hunt, fish and make clothing out of caribou hides.

There were many elements to the story that I was extremely pleased to see – for one, they didn’t have to fight or escape a polar bear attack. You can just imagine that that would make the Hollywood producers salivate. What happened to them was much more realistic. Secondly, as good-looking as the main stars are, it never (spoiler alert) becomes romantic. Lastly, the ending. I will not spoil that.

There are several other reasons to watch this movie:

  1. Michael Bublé the crooner-singing sensation makes a cameo as fellow pilot named Hap.
  2. Jon Gries! Best known as Uncle Rico in Jared Hess’ Napoleon Dynamite (2004).  Though he may be seen to be a real prick in this film, he plays a real person… a bit of a pessimist, but ultimately a pragmatist.

Am I the only person that instantly sees Jon Gries and quotes,

How much you wanna bet I can throw a football over them mountains?

If you want to see a superb survival film, and unlike The Revenant, is rated PG… THIS is the one to see!

My biggest gripe… they don’t make it on bluray.




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